Social Enterprise Podcast #4

CCC Podcast: Essential listening for all board members of charitable organisations wishing to generate earned revenues by operating a business.

Clarifying the CRA rules surrounding earned business revenues within a charity.  How British Columbia’s new Community Contribution Company, a CCC, could be of benefit for raising capital for social/community causes.

Lawyer Michael Blatchford, a not for profit specialist at Bull Houser in Vancouver, BC, delivers 25 minutes of invaluable board governance advice in this podcast which is the latest in a series of Social Enterprise broadcasts presented by Sandra Hamilton with the Sandermoen School of Business at the University of Fredericton. More information at


0:40-4:15 – Michael Blatchford discusses what it is that defines a “Social Enterprise” as well as distinguishing the difference between a “non-profit organizations” (or NPO) and a “charity”

4:15-6:00 – Michael defines what constitutes a “related business” as run by a charity

6:15-8:34 – Sandra and Michael breakdown the definition of the new Community Contribution Company (or C3) as introduced by the province of British Columbia

8:35-15:27 – Michael explains the benefits to a social enterprise choosing to incorporate as a C3 and the tax parameters that surround it

16:13-18:00 – Sandra discusses the impact that the Sandermoen School of Business has had on her knowledge of Social Enterprise and the innovative initiatives coming out of businesses designed with a social mission

18:00-24:53 – Sandra and Michael discuss the future of charities in the wake of the social enterprise, what to expect from the first C3’s as well as which other provinces and countries have taken or are taking the initiative to create their own versions of the C3

Music provided by The Insider.