Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Vision, and Make Things Happen, by Tara Mohr

In this motivational book targeted towards women in all types of careers , Mohr shares practical skills she has developed to voice and implement the changes that women want to see—in themselves and in the world.

Based on her experience as a coach for women executives in America, Tara Mohr noticed women were “playing small” in their lives and careers. In this book she imparts her proprietary methods for women executives, professionals and upwardly mobile women in all arenas, to achieve their dreams by playing big from the inside out. Mohr’s work helping women play bigger has earned acclaim from the media as well as academia.

Playing Big provides real, practical tools to help women quiet self-doubt, identify their callings, “unhook” from praise and criticism, unlearn counter-productive “good girl” habits, and begin taking bolder action.

The premise of the book is relevant to all women with dreams and thus applies across the board to all women – from executives and politicians to volunteers and artists. While not all women aspire to end up in the corner office, every woman aspires to something. Playing Big fills a gap among women’s career books; it isn’t just for corporate women.

Purportedly thousands of women across US have been transformed by Mohr’s program, and now this book makes the ideas and practices available to everyone who is ready to play big.

About Tara Mohr

Tara Mohr is an acclaimed women’s leadership expert and popular conference speaker. She holds an MBA from Stanford University and a degree in English literature from Yale. Additionally she was trained by the Coaches Training Institute and has established a reputation among top women executives as an effective consultant for corporate goal achievement.  Five years ago the author noticed a pattern in her work as an expert in women’s leadership and has gone on to found the global Playing Big Leadership Program for women. Moreover, her “10 Rules for Brilliant Women” has become a viral sensation.

Mohr is a regular contributor on women’s leadership issues to Huffington Post, and a keynote speaker for the Emerging Women Live Conference, The White House Project, and at Harvard Business School. She has also been featured on The Today Show, Forbes Women and in Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, and on the BBC.  For more information, go to