Mary’s Perspective on the Sandermoen School of Business Student and Alumni Meet-and-Greet

DSC00531We spent the greater part of the summer in St. Andrews, Canada allowing us (my husband, the Provost of the University of Fredericton, and myself) to participate more in the day-to-day life of UFred. The highlight of our stay was attending the first-ever Sandermoen School of Business Student and Alumni Meet-and-Greet in Toronto on Sunday, September 13th at the Intercontinental Toronto Centre Hotel.

In that UFred is a virtual university with all classes taught online, we were uncertain as to how this opportunity to get together in person (for students, alumni, faculty and staff) would be received. Our goal was to provide an event that brought the community together to share their experiences and further build connections. When 160 peoples pre-registered for the event, it was clear that this would be possible.

While I buzzed around taking photos and seeing who among the attendees might be interested in being profiled in future newsletters, my perception of the event was that it was familiar and friendly, with a great deal of networking between community members. There were hugs, smiles, animated conversations and people seemed reluctant to leave. The faculty seemed to enjoy meeting their students and graduates just as much and I overheard plans being made for future meetings and business networking.

I said to the Provost after the event, if I could choose a community of people to interact with, this UFred community would be it. I have never experienced a more positive, appreciative, or motivated group of people. The glow was palpable.

When Sandermoen School of Business Associate Dean Sheri McKillop described some of the academic specialty streams (Global Leadership, Innovation, Innovation Leadership, Social Enterprise Leadership, Real Estate Leadership, Human Resource Leadership, Health and Safety Leadership, and an upcoming stream in Business Analytics,) and talked about the possibility of the development of a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Degree in the future, there was applause among the alumni. It appears Sandermoen students are motivated to continue their learning, which is always wonderful to see.

And that is innate to the mission of UFred … to facilitate lifelong learning.

So thank you everyone for attending and making this an incredible first. We look forward to future initiatives such as these.