Teaching Online: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Advice by Dr. Mona Engvig

Dr. Engvig, a faculty member at the Sandermoen School of Business, recently published a new book on e-learning which has already gained a 5-star rating. The research section detailing the experiences and opinions of e-learning students should be of particular interest to the UFred Community.

The book is described as follows:

“A major challenge in the field of online education is that most instructors and professors teaching online have little or no applicable pedagogical training. Their main frame of reference is often their own education and/or their own experience teaching in a traditional setting, which usually consists of “a sage on the stage” rather than the “guide on the side” approach required in online education. This book presents various pedagogical frameworks as they relate to online education, includes a chapter with hands-on advice for how to teach online, and is focused on the needs of educators relatively new to the online environment.

In addition, few researchers have asked the students what they prefer in regard to online education. Since online students tend to be older and more mature, they are also more likely to use their tuition dollars to shop around for the best learning environment. This book includes an exclusive, in-depth study of students’ perspectives on their online learning experiences in general and their views of effective (and ineffective) instruction in particular. There is also a chapter detailing the results of a study of online students, faculty assistants and faculty, sharing advice on how to succeed in the online environment.”

Congratulations to Dr. Engvig for advancing the body of knowledge surrounding teaching online once again!  Teaching Online: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Advice can be found on Amazon.

What’s New @ UFred?

MBA and EMBA Alumni: You Can Now Purchase an Academic Hood from UFred!

For those interested, UFred is now selling Academic Hoods to MBA and Executive MBA alumni. For more information on how to purchase an Academic Hood, contact for more information.

UFred Adds an Additional Conference to Conference and Trade Show Agenda

Will you be attending the 2015 Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise (CCSE)? If you are, make sure you drop by our booth to say hello! The 2015 CCSE will be held this year from April 22-24 in London, Ontario and consists of three days of sessions, networking, and events. We’re looking forward to attending the conference for the first time this year, and hope to see you there!

Further information:

Second Course in Certificate in Psychological Health and Safety Preparing to Launch

After much anticipation, the University of Fredericton is pleased to announce the launch of the second course in the Advanced Level of the Certificate in Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, titled PHS 0110 Guiding Principles of the National Standard. Designed for organizational leaders who are implementing, or are seeking to implement, a psychological health and safety strategy in their workplaces, the course builds off of the knowledge obtained through the first course. This is the second course available in the five-course Advanced Level Certificate and will be available for enrolment beginning today. Please note: students must complete PHS 0100 An Introduction to Psychological Health and Safety (PH&S) in the Workplace to be eligible to enrol in PHS 0110.

Further information on the Certificate in Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace:

UFred Students Recognized for Second Year Running at SBI Annual Conference

For the second year in a row, two groups of students have had their academic achievements recognized by the Small Business Institute (SBI) Annual Conference. This year, the groups had papers recognized in the Conference Proceedings as well as in the Project of the Year category respectively. A heartfelt congratulations goes out from all of us here at UFred to the students involved!

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Mary’s Travel Blog

Last issue we left you in southern France, where we were spending two months at our home in St. Jean de Barrou. My husband (Dr. Ken Green, UFred Provost) and I often spend our falls in this small wine producing village in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, enjoying the beehive activity of the grape harvest. Upon receiving our fourth annual Titre de Sejour in mid-November, we drove the 13 hours to our home in Santa Lucia in the very south of Spain, stopping halfway for a couple of days in the lovely seaside village of Peniscola north of Valencia.

House Exchanges to Blame

I promised last issue to tell you how in the world we ended up owning and living in houses in three countries. It all started with home exchanges. We’d heard about Home Link years ago in France, where for about a decade we traveled to in the fall to escape. During one of these sojourns, someone in St. Paul de Vence mentioned loving the home exchange experience.

Five years ago when we decided to take a mini-sabattical in February and March to shorten the infamously long Canadian winter, I looked into home exchanges further. We booked four swaps and off we went to the Pelponese in Greece, and three locations in Spain (Costa de Sol, Andalusia, and Cantilabria). Our hosts were beyond gracious and generous and we loved each experience. After our first exchange in Greece, I was making arrangements with Spanish realtors online to view homes for sale, when a French house came to my attention. We made an unplanned detour north and purchased the French maison in the Aude!

Too Many Friends AND Houses

After that first year of swaps we decided not to do it anymore because we ended up with too many friends and too many houses!  We continued to visit back and forth with the two French couples we met through exchanging, usually when they stay at their second homes at the Atlantic seaside village of Les Sables d’ lonne in the Vendee region or in the French Alps. We also see a lot of the German couple we stayed with in Atlantera, because we bought our house close to them in Spain while staying at their house as second time!

We would highly recommend house exchanges for singles, couples or families. You generally tend to swap with people with similar interests and family structures. It’s a great way to enrich your life and experience economical vacations.

Historic Vejer de la Frontera- A Bit About Our Travels

Vejer de la Frontera

The village where our home in Spain is located sits in the shadow of one of Andalusia’s most historic and beautiful white hilltop villages, Vejer de la Frontera. Since it is only 12 miles across the Straits of Gilbratar to Morocco, Vejer de la Frontera occupies a strategic frontier location. It was instrumental as a frontier outpost for ousting the Moors in the 15th century, and later for spotting the marauding Barbary Pirates who would sail across from Morocco to kidnap people for slaves and/or ransom in the 16th century.

Santa Lucia Campo

Our village, Santa Lucia, is a small pueblo blanco of 250 people mostly multi-generational Spanish families with a few part-time expats from Britain, Holland, Germany and Canada mixed in. The Spanish call this area the “campo” (rural camp) and lots of Spanish have second homes “in the country” here and a house or apartment in a nearby village.  The agrarian roots run deep here with farming all around us. This small microclimate valley is full of bamboo hedges, fruit trees and flowering shrubs. It is teaming with chickens, geese, ducks, cows, donkeys, dogs, cats and owls. The water flows year-round here since it also is the site of a still-functioning Roman Aqueduct (that at its heyday until the 16th century operated 7 grain mills). Hence, we and our agricultural neighbors enjoy free abundant water from underground springs year-round, an extremely valuable commodity here in the sun parched south.

Santa Lucia

In our small garden, in addition to a swimming pool, focal fountain, numerous patios, and outdoor kitchen, we have Ken’s prized Napoleon Barbeque (made in Canada!). We enjoy many fruit trees including lemon, grapefruit, lime, avocado, clementine, orange, walnut, sugar apple, plums, and plantains along with several exotics like nisparo (loquat).  The only road into Santa Lucia is flanked by colorful groves of bamboo, bougainvilla, and angel trumpet trees, plus every hue of flowering vine. I spend my leisure time taming the garden and also painting watercolors, learning Spanish, and visiting nearby towns. Cadiz, Jerez and Seville, Ronda, Granada, Malaga and Marbella are all a short distance from home. Even Portugal is just 2.5 hours so often our guests fly into Faro due to better ticket prices.

UFred Leading Edge         

There are many exciting features in this issue of UFred Leading Edge that I look forward to sharing with you. We spent time catching up with UFred faculty member Dr. Mona Engvig and learned about her passion for teaching in her new book, Teaching Online: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Advice, and also have a new alumni story featuring Jesse Risser, graduate of numerous programs at UFred, including the Sandermoen Executive MBA program. Don’t forget to take a look at the conferences and trade shows we’ll be attending in the coming months as well; we’d love to catch up with you in person!

Faculty Profile – Dr. Mona Engvig

Dr. Mona Engvig

Dr. Mona Engvig

Dr. Engvig, who prefers to be called Mona, has taught leadership and supervised the important Integration project course for the Sandermoen School of Business at the University of Fredericton for several years.

Teaching both MBA and Executive MBA students, this engaging professor is known for her ability to forge mutually enriching relationships with students.

Mona, a Fulbright Scholar, received her PhD in Administration and Policy Analysis from Stanford University in 1997 with a focus on organizational issues. Mona considers her primary area of expertise as online education and is sought after internationally for consulting and speaking engagements on the topic. She holds two Masters Degrees in Arts Administration (non-profit management) and in Sociology (organizational studies).

Mona is dedicated to peer-learning, something that involves students more interactively in the learning process. As she describes, “Our students have so much to contribute, if only we encourage them to. As instructors we need to change from being ‘the sage on the stage’ to being ‘the guide on the side’”.

For the last 15 years, Mona has devoted her professional career to online teaching along with researching and writing articles and books on e-learning. Her rationale for teaching online is that she finds online students to be more open and interactive with class peers and the instructor, and often finds that they have an advanced level of maturity.

Adept at facilitating and coaching rather than just lecturing, Mona is known for her enthusiasm and uncompromising responsiveness to students’ challenges and needs. She relishes the opportunity both to support them in their academic progress and also help them find solutions in affiliated areas of career and management. She views her role as being on her students’ team to help them achieve their dreams through advanced education and problem-solving skills. Her didactic style and personal openness stimulate learning and appeal to Sandermoen students at all levels.

When asked about her experience at the Sandermoen School of Business, Mona had the following to say:

“The main reason I love to teach at the Sandermoen School of Business is the awesome quality of our students! I am sure this is partially derived from cultural influences as I was brought up in Norway, which has a more cooperative and community oriented culture than most other countries. When I work with students at Sandermoen, I find many of the same attitudes that I experienced growing up and going to school in Norway.”

Students at Sandermoen come from a wide range of backgrounds, both personally and professionally, contributing varied perspectives to their academic pursuits. The majority of students at Sandermoen are Canadian, but Mona finds that cultural diversity is a common theme in her classes, stating “the cultural diversity we have makes for exceptional peer-learning experiences, so critical in a global marketplace.”

When discussing additional traits of students studying at Sandermoen, Mona noted that students “are motivated to learn and are exceptionally qualified. Many are already ensconced in careers and, as a result, have a wealth of experience that they willingly share. What’s more, they write better than many students I’ve taught.”

Finally, Mona notes that “UFred students are more equally prepared, compared to most universities I’m familiar with. This leads to a higher level of inclusion, more meaningful online discussion, and impressive presentations in the vClasses.” These factors make for a fulfilling educational experience for both professor and students alike.

Alumni Spotlight- Jesse Risser

Jesse Risser HSE Director, Irving Shipbuilding Inc.  UFred Alumni

Jesse Risser
HSE Director, Irving Shipbuilding Inc.
UFred Alumni

Jesse Risser has successfully completed numerous programs at the University of Fredericton. A graduate of the UFred Ergonomics Coordinator Certificate, Jesse went on to also complete the Diploma-to-Degree program offered in partnership with Husson University, and most recently, the Executive MBA program at the Sandermoen School of Business.

When asked about his experience at UFred, Jesse cited the inherent flexibility and convenience of the programs as being the key to his academic success. He had the following to say about the impact that UFred has had on his education, his career, and his personal life:

“The University of Fredericton has allowed me to realize my academic potential without sacrificing the needs of my family. I was able to complete my EMBA and still support a family of five. Working and learning provided me with an opportunity to apply new skills and strategic thinking to my current position. I enjoyed every course and found that they were presented in a way that was applicable and added to my value as an employee.”